Hey! I am Francesco Bertocci a well-rounded italian-born strategic Designer, with a passion for people, interactions, ideas, products and brands.

I’ve lived and worked in Rome, Milan and New York City.
I moved to Brooklyn in 2004 and I became an American citizen in 2016. I want to create experiences and products that improve people’s lives. I believe considering people, their feelings, physical needs and goals are critical for successful design.

Looking to collaborate? Drop me a line.

I am a Product Designer, Design Systems & Ops Expert and Entrepreneur

I like to take on design, UX, and technology challenges. I have worked with teams at large corporations and lean startups on a broad range of projects, from global multi-language experiences to stealth native consumer apps.

I have trained and consulted designers and design managers at companies like IBM, Amazon, frog design, Apple, Deloitte, and Gartner on strategizing and implementing Design Systems, Design Ops, and highly-efficient production workflows.

I love to help teams make sure they can be as efficient as possible, collaborate smoothly across specialties, and deliver digital products quickly. I have been working on a series of productivity plugins, that make it easier to do daily design tasks. Like making sure things are consistent to designing efficiently with Design Tokens and Data Tokens for more accurate designs, user testing sessions, producing thousands of digital assets for A/B testing or creating multi-language screens for submission to the App Stores. Looking to improve your workflows? Reach our for a free consultation.

Curiosity drives me

I love to learn new languages (I speak Italian, English and a bit of Spanish), design useful things, photography, travel, to eat & cook, play, oh... and lean startups, prototyping, coding, technology and mentoring – a lot. I post about #UX #UI #design #mobile #prototyping on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

I run the Design & Prototype User Experiences and the Hackers 4 Good meetups in NYC.